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“World Leaders in Marine Retransmission and Interfacing Systems!”


AMI Marine (UK) Ltd’s primary product portfolio contains the electronic link and retransmission systems that interface between new and existing bridge equipment, for example, a new gyro compass NMEA output with existing bridge displays. Including, but not exclusively, heading, speed log, Echo Sounder, Doppler, GPS, Radar, VHF, AIS, engine telegraph, thruster controls, rudder etc. Some of them are below;


AMI Nav-IS Combined Maritime Speed Log & Meteorological System     Spare parts are available in Istanbul warehouse!

In conjunction with SMIDS (Ships Movement Information Display System).

The Nav-IS (Navigation Information System) is a cost effective combined system supplied to commercial maritime standards. Nav-IS exceeds the requirements of EN60945 & EN61023 and is compliant with IMO resolutions A.478 and A.824.

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 AMI_001  AMI_002  AMI_003
Main Unit Control Unit Display Unit


AMI KW810 – BNWAS       Spare parts are available in Istanbul warehouse!


3 Year Warranty, No moving parts or membrane switches for long life and reliability, No hidden costs, Interface board included (4 x NMEA, 4 x dry contact), Automatic timer reset from ECDIS, RADAR etc. Auto mode allows Autopilot or GPS to initiate / disable BNWAS, 4th Stage alarm output for SSAS / GMDSS to alert ship owner and / or other vessels if the bridge remains unattended. Distinct sound signature, Differentiate

BNWAS from other alarms e.g. fire alarm etc. Ship’s general alarm can be used (check with surveyor), All panels have audio and visual alarms built in.

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Compenents of BN 150 BNWAS



AMI BN150 – BNWAS     Spare parts are available in Istanbul warehouse!


Fully GL (Germanischer Lloyd) Type Approved, IEC 62616, IEC 60945 and MSC.128(75) Approved, Ideal for Fleets and Smaller Vessels, comprehensive solutions for Dealers and Fleet Operators, Display Control Panel with Backlit Dot Matrix LCD Panel, Simple, Colour Coded, 3 Button Operation and Set Up, Backlit Reset Button, Backlit Emergency Call (3rd stage Alarm), Backlit Cabin Call, Button (to designated cabins only), Set Up and On/Off protected by lock and key, Simple and easy installation, 2 Core Interconnect Cable, 2m Multicore cable from Distribution Unit to DC150 supplied as standard, Output to VDR, Inputs for unacknowledged Alarms, 2 Year Warranty – upgradeable to 3 Years

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Compenents of BN 150 BNWAS

AMI NAV-IS: Navigation Information System EN60945 Combined EM Log& Meteorological System Spare parts are available in Istanbul warehouse!


10.4” solid state EN60945 panel mountable MPC provides control of the LOG system, simulated speed entry, calibration and configuration parameter and data entry. MPC’s are configurable to allow either a single page or multiple pages of OWN ships data information, such as Heading, Roll, Pitch, Ship speed, Distance, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air pressure, Air / Sea Temperature, Depth, etc when provided with appropriate NMEA data message on their input are all available at no additional cost.

AMI_006a AMI_006b AMI_006c AMI_006d AMI_006e AMI_006f
AMI_007a AMI_007b AMI_007c AMI_007d AMI_007e AMI_007f
Main Unit Ships Speed Sensor Wind Speed and
Direction Sensor
Panel Computer (MPC) Temp. and Humidity
SW Temp. Probe

AMI SMIDS 4.1 – Ships Movement Information Display System      Spare parts are available in Istanbul warehouse!


Highly accurate speed and distance measuring device, Fully type approved to IEC 61023, Dual (d)GPS and GLONASS technology, Install “at sea” (No hull penetrations), Robust and zero maintenance, Installed on over 200 vessels, Designed to avoid the heavy costs involved with fixing/replacing Doppler docking systems in dry dock, Standard fit on new build vessels, Most accurate ships movement information from any available docking systems on the market today, USCG, GL, MCA & CCS Approved

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AMI VDR / SVDR – Voyage Data Recorder      Spare parts are available in Istanbul warehouse!


AMI manufacture one of the most compact and reliable VDR/S-VDR systems in the world. AMI have been designing VDR systems since 2001 and our latest VR2272B has been approved by Qinetiq and received the coveted Wheel Mark standard.

*** Simplified Voyage Data Recorder – VR2272B-S-VDR***

The VR2272B is the smallest S-VDR system in today’s market and at a price that suits the world wide market the VR2272B is already a highly popular choice amongst many major companies for retrofitting and new buildings alike.

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Simplified Voyage Data Recorder – VR2272B-S-VDR

Voyage Data Recorder – VR2272B-VDR


AMI VHF Recorder      Spare parts are available in Istanbul warehouse!


The VR973 VHF Recorder has been designed to operate on vessels not fitted with an (S)VDR system. It provides a cost effective means of recording VHF communications and position at any given time. The recorded aud?o can be played back on any standard PC without the need for special software. Connection to the GPS allows location, date and time to be recorded and displayed.


The VR973 Recorder is connected directly to the VHF – if suitable output is available. A KW973 VHF interface may be used to combine separate transmitted and received audio signals through the VHF Recorder.

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AMI VHF Recorder


AMI – VDCS – VDR Data Capture System          Spare parts are available in Istanbul warehouse!


VDCS is designed to interface to AMI UK VDR’s and to provide extended recording facilities using our recommended download mechanisms. The system is based around ruggedized PC components, and is very easy to install (it only requires power, and a single network connection to the AMI VDR). It is supplied with a touchscreen monitor, but doesn’t require any operator interaction under normal operation. The costs of purchasing, installing, and operating an AMI-VDCS is therefore very competitive.

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