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Damen Schelde Marine Services (DSMS) is formerly known as Schelde Marine Services and is a part of the Royal Schelde we have over 90 years of experience in manufacturing, stock and supply of marine diesel engine parts. DSMS is the first ever licensee builder for Sulzer Diesel engines.

DSMS is a part of the Damen Shipyards Group (est.1927) which operates more than 50 shipyards, repair yards and related companies worldwide Damen employs over 7000 people in 35 countries, has delivered over 5000 vessels since 1969 and delivers some 150 vessels annually to customers worldwide.​

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B&W 2-stroke​,, Sulzer type 2-stroke,, Daihatsu type
50 MC,,RTA,, DK20
50 MC-C,,RT-FLEX,, DC17
50 MCE
60 MC
60 MC-C
60 MCE,
B&W type 4-Stroke,, Sulzer type 4-stroke,, Yanmar type
L16/24,,S20,, N18
L23/30(H),,AL-range,, N21





Over the years DSMS has become an expert in the field of engine pnumatic spare parts. We offer our clients a complete scope of Wabco Westinghouse valves and repair kits from stock.

We know which repair kits are needed for your Sulzer and MAN B&W components. We can recognize the relevant parts from their original Wabco numbers, the Sulzer code numbers or even the item numbers from the schematic layout. During the years, we have built up an almost complete Wabco Nabco cross-reference list. Even for MAN B&W engine types we have a growing database of its code numbers.

Following brand names or equvalent can be supplied:

Wabco Westinghouse,, Mecman
Rexroth Pneumatics,, Eugen seitz
Hydraudyne Pneumatics,, Herion Pneumatics
Bosh Automation,, Rexroth Hydraulics


More than 30 years experience.
Highest quality level.
Procedures in accordance with makers specification.
Latest welding, heat- and surface treatment technology.
Extensive life time.
Exchange stock available inVlissingen, Shanghai and Singapore.
6 Months guarantee after delivery.
Class certificate (if applicable).
Reconditioning of main components for M.A.N-B&W and Sulzer 2-stroke engines
Piston crowns, Spindles (both Nimonic and Steel/Stellite), Seats, Cylinder Covers, Piston Rods.
Lower connecting rod bearings.
Reconditioning of fuel injection equipment for every make 2- and 4-stroke.
Fuel valves, Nozzles, Plunger and Barrels




From own Damen workshop/warehouse in Shanghai with European Supervision and project management to be offered following services;

  • Complete overhaul of Auxiliary Engines at a lump sum price.
  • Adjusting and timing of fuel pump blocks for all engine types.
  • Overhaul of Turbo Chargers.
  • Overhaul of Pneumatic Systems (Wabco or Nabco).
  • Overhaul or new manufactured parts for Deck Equipment.
  • Reconditioning of Two Stroke and Four Stroke engine parts,
    With Lloyds certificate if applicable.

Head office, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 118 712000, Fax.: +31 118 712037,

General E-mail: info@dsms247.biz

 Confirms to standard NEN-EN-ISO-9001:2008