HeatStop Insulation Tape

HeatStop Insulation System – Quick and Easy

Meets SOLAS Regulation II-2/15-2-10

Stands over +1000C

It is a modified basalt fiber with an aluminum layer for heat insulation made by 100% environmental and friendly material for health.
Comparing with similar products in market the HeatStop Tape has big advantage being harmless to environment. The material is different from fiberglass or ceramic fiber.
The test reports show the HeatStop Tape is not of any harm with human health and never causes any illness like cancer or do not consist any cancer enhancer contents.
Similar products in the shipping industry contain fibers treat to human health like ASBEST.




Application instruction

Easy and simple. Everybody can do it…

Remove dirt, oil, scale and excessive moisture from surface. HeatStop is wrapped around the pipe in a spiral motion using a 50% overlap to ensure good touch.
Be sure that the foil edges are securely fastened. Ends can be secured with aluminum bonding adhesive which is supplied free with the product.

Removal instruction

For removal, simple open one end and unwind or cut the HeatStop Tape from the pipe. Tape is not reusable.