PR Ultra° – Pipe Repair Ultra

PR Ultra° – Pipe Repair Ultra Tape is made of the highest quality materials for a permanent air-tight and water-tight seal in emergency situations. It is designed for quick plumbing repairs, sealing hoses in your car/ truck/ boat, coating the ends of rope, sealing the hatch of a space shuttle as it re-enters earth’s atmosphere, wrapping tool handles, emergency O-ring seals or to insulate electrical wiring. It resists fuels, acids, oils, solvents, saltwater, road salt and UV rays.


Main Properties:

  • Thickness: 0.7 mm
  • Width: 25mm& 50mm
  • Length/Roll: Normal package 3 or 20 meters
  • Standard colour: Black
  • Operating temperature:-50°C~250°C
  • Flame-retardant
  • OEMservice
  • Standard package:1 roll per box

Technical data:

Property Test Results Method
Optimum working temperature 180°C
Cold brittle point -50°C
Tensile strength 1150psi ASTMD 412
Elongation, Min. 300% ASTMD 412
Durometer 55 Shore A Points ASTMD 2240
Specific Gravity 1.17
Volume resistivity, Min. 1× 1013Ω·cm3
Water absorption, Max. 3% By Weight MIL-I-46852C
Dielectric strength, Min. 20KV/mm ASTMD 149
Bond strength, Min. 50g/mm MIL-I-46852C
Product shelf life 12 Months fromDOM@ 25°C