Pumps and spare parts

From our business partner in EC who is one of the biggest manufacturers in the territory to supply replacement spare parts for many type of pumps. A large variety of spare parts are available in the program. The range of products includes the followings and expands every day;

Garbarino, Italy – Spare parts for MU, BT, CN, P series
Termomeccanica, Italy – Spare parts for all models
Thune Eureka, Norway – Spare parts for CGD, CGC, CAC, CGB, CGA, CAB, CGE, CAD, DVC, DVB, CCN, C12-22-32-42 series and complete pumps.
Iron, Denmark – Spare parts for QVP, CHV, QV, QVKL, CMK series and complete pumps.
Hamworthy, U.K. – Spare parts for all models.
Merser, Denmark – Spare parts for BV, A-25-AH series.
Thom Lamont, U.K. – Spare parts for 6×6, 9×8, 8×8, 12×12 series.
JMW, Sweden – Spare parts for Z123-255, Z123-305, Z12-135, Z12-125, Z16.A.033 series.
IMO, Sweden – Spare parts for all models.
Allweiller, Germany – Spare parts for all models.
Shinkokinzoku, Teikoku, Ishi, Naniwa, Taiko Kikay, Heishin, Sasakura – Spare parts for some models.
Azcue – Spare parts for BT, CM, VM
Bornemenn – Spare parts for EL
Nirex – Spare parts for JWP26-36 Models OED, ESD, PVVF, PVLS
Teikoku Hamworthy – Spare parts for 10X10, 12X12, 14X14, 16X16, 18X18, 3X2, 5X3, 5X4, 6X5, 6X6, 8X6, B80, B200, C80, C200