SealXpert Products


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Products


The company offers a range of proven maintenance and repair products that are unique in pipeline services. These products eliminate or minimize the cost of plants and equipment downtime.

The maintenance and repair products are used for leak repair, corrosion protection, parts repair and rebuilding, corrosion and wear coating, pipeline rehabilitation, etc. Each of the products are engineered to be applied on almost wide applications.



01 Wrap Seal™ Leak Repair Systems
 sealxpert01 sealxpert02
 Wrap Seal™ Quick Repair Kit  SealXpert™ Pipe Repair Kit



02 Wrap Seal PLUS™ Corrosion Repair Systems
sealxpert03 sealxpert04

03 EcoCoil™ Water Treatment Products


EcoCoil™ 101 Alcaline Cleaner

04 Seal Stic™ Quick Cure Epoxy Sticks


114gram/ tube for all products

05 SealXpert™ Metal Repair Putties

454gram/set for all products

454gram/set for all products



06 SealXpert™ Wear & Corrosion Resistant Coatings

500gram/set for all products

500gram/set for all products

07 SealXpert™ Anaerobic Threadlockers
sealxpert08 sealxpert09
50ml/ bottle for all products

08 SealXpert™ Anaerobic Flange Sealants


09 SealXpert™ Retaining Compounds
sealxpert11 sealxpert12
50ml/ bottle for all products
10 SealXpert™ Thread Sealants
sealxpert11 sealxpert13
50ml/ bottle for all products
11 SealXpert™ Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
sealxpert14 sealxpert15
20gram/ bottle for all products


All above in one company, SealXpert™

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