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Since the foundation of the company in 1970, SPECS Corporation has put its highest priority of concern on meeting the diverse and difficult needs of its clients and becoming an innovation leader in the technologies that the company is pursuing.

SPECS is now one of the undisputed leaders in its area of expertise, which to provides products and services for safety, instrumentation and control systems required by marine and related industries.

During the last decades of its history, marine industry has acknowledged Oil Mist Detector (OMD) system as an important measurement to reduce the risk of fire from machinery space flammable oil systems or explosions induced by oil mist inside diesel engine crank case.
Through SPECS is one of the latest participants in this market, its oil mist detector for engine room (AOMD) and the one for inside crankcase (COMD) have already obtained reputation of being the top quality products throughout global clients.
For those SPECS AOMD and COMD, type approvals by major classification societies of the world have been granted.

Bearing wear monitoring system(BWM) is another result of SPECS’ continuous efforts to respond to the needs of its clients. SPECS’ BWM system can check the wear conditions of bearing in ship engine by real time monitoring.

Included above OMD, BWM system, SPECS supplies ship’s monitoring system which consist of SPM (Ship Performance Monitoring system) and TPM (Shaft Torque Power RPM Meter). This system can monitor, check and help to maintain better performance for ship’s energy saving. SPECS provides the systems and services including installation, consulting and repair.