AEGIR-Marine Built on Service

The world’s first independent seal make!

Prime Seal – Propeller Shaft Seals from Aegir Marine, The Netherlands

is produced in Holland, France and Italy.

Seal Ring, Liner, Spacer Ring, Zinc Anode, Protection System, Net Cutter…

with class certificate and guaranty.

Prime Seal products

AEGIR-Marine produces unique AEGIR-Marine PRIME seal: a shaft seal suitable for brands like Wärtsilä, John Crane, JMT, Dover, Waukesha, Kobelco, Blohm and Voss SC1, Lips, Chuetsu and Neptune. Carefully developed and comprehensively tested AEGIR-Marine PRIME PARTS over the years. Guaranteed that every product has been manually inspected several times before it is offered for sale.
AEGIR-Marine PRIME PARTS complies with the strictest requirements and always scores good or better (than the original) in tests. The products are always in stock.



Service stations

Wherever your vessels are in the world, AEGIR-Marine is in the neighbourhood. Own service stations are in the Netherlands, USA, China (Shanghai), Singapore and Namibia. All technicians are trained by the head office and authorized to give service.
There is an independent partner in the USA.

The following services are given professionally where the vessel is.
• In Situ Bonding
• Overhaul
• Bonding afloat
• Underwater repair

Propulsion Service

Specializes in the repair of CPP’s, bow thrusters and FPP’s.


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