Vestas AirCoil

Charge Air Coolers, Cooling Towers, generator Coolers, Compressor Coolers

A real OEM company from Denmark for long years…

  • Charge Air Coolers.
  •  Cooling Towers & Dry Coolers.
  •  Water Mist Catchers & Heat Exchangers.
  •  Shell & Tube Coolers.
  • Broad range heat exchangers to give customers a full pack service,
  •  Expertise in calculation of noise and vibration for cooling towers,
  •  In-house experience designing high quality air coolers,
  •  Modern production with the latest technology facilities in Denmark and China,
  •  Pro-active employees and culture,
  •  Worldwide networks with professional sales and service teams,
  •  OEM and after sales expertise.

The Aircoils are offered by Vestas for Marine and land industry are highly appreciated for features such as longer functional life, cost-effectiveness, optimum performance, power efficiency and reliability.
VESTAS AirCoil also can offer to re-block fin and tube element as an option. This may cause you to save money and time on finding a solution. Sometimes no need to renew tube sheets and side frames even, according to the condition of old air cooler.
Because of the above reasons…
Many original engine makers prefer VESTAS AirCoils.

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