Petro Tape

BC Petro Tape is composed of synthetic fabric, filled with a petrolatum compound, inert fillers and special anti-corrosion agents for the protection of pipes, valves, flanges, couplings, pilings, and other steel structures. This product offers excellent protection against corrosion and creates a solid water barrier. BC Petro Tape has good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts.
Petrolatum is defined as “a purified mixture of semisolid hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum, occurring as an unctuous mass.” Petrolatum is a soft, viscous, moisturizing material, which adheres comparatively well to rusty or slightly-moist steel. This material has some moisture-displacing capabilities, and generally only requires cleaning be hand or power-tool cleaning


  •  Outstanding long term anticorrosive tape and applicable in such various places as open air environments, underground & underwater.
  •  Great efficiency with easy application and short working times.
  •  No changes in quality under extremely low temperature. (-270℃)
  •  No cracking and hardening.
  •  Hygienically harmless and non-polluting.
  •  Environment-friendly design
  •  Can be applied to cold & wet surfaces.
  •  Encapsulates lead paints.


  •  Hydraulic pipes and cable lines on vessels.
  •  Fresh water pipes and CO2 pipes on vessels.
  •  Ordinary and special-purpose pipe lines.
  •  Steel pilings and marine structures.
  •  Underground pipes or cables.
  •  Drainage pipe / Building plumbing pipe.
  •  Valves and flanges.
  •  Etc…

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