SQ Marine Engineering

Specialist on Marine Equipment and Petroleum Platforms
USA and EC sourced engine spares and equipment, either original or OEM.
Provide quick, cost effective, practical solutions for the needs of merchant ships, industrial plants and petroleum platforms.

A specialized trading company of marine engine equipment. Offers competitive low prices on a selection of many American brands as below.

  • Engines, pumps, compressors and equipments
  • Spare parts and tools and measurement equipments.
  • Electronic equipment for bridge, according to the IMO regulations.
  • Valves and liquid control systems.
  • Equipment for petroleum platforms as BOP Control Systems, Choke and Kill Manifolds, Diverter Control Panels, Drilling Spools, Hammer Unions, Hammer Seal Unions, HP Test Units, Hydraulic Power Units and etc.

Some of the brands and equipment are below able to be quoted fast and withattractive prices;

Woodward Controls, TDI Air Starters, Dynalco Instrumentation, Twin Disc, HYTORC Hydraulic tools, Volvo Penta, Lugger Diesel Generators, Technicold Air Conditioning, Northern Lights, Mercury, Westerbeke (Engines & Generators), Phasor, Kubota, MTU, Detroit, John Deere, Parker Filters, Beck Electric Supplies, Ship Crane spares and services, Alfa Laval, Pipeline Protection Products, Underground Tapes, Polyethylene Encasement For Ductile Iron Pipe, Pipe Coatings, Pipe Tapes, Cathodic Protection, Safety Products, Hammer Unions for Petrol Platforms, Caterpiller

SQ Marine Engineering Inc
4755 Boxwood Circle
Boynton Beach, FL 33436 U.S.A.
Phone: +1 (561) 738-2480
Fax    : +1 (561) 370-7028

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